Carmilla – book review

Carmilla – book review

You will think me cruel, very selfish, but love is always selfish; the more ardent the more selfish. How jealous I am you cannot know. You must come with me, loving me, to death; or else hate me, and still come with me, and hating me through death and after. There is no such word as indifference in my apathetic nature.


It’s quite curious how after having started the year without writing more than a couple of reviews on the blog, now that the year is almost over it is filling up with recommendations. In this post I come to talk to you very briefly about Carmilla.

The more we avoid doing something, the more we are driven to carry it out. In my case, I had proposed not to buy more books, at least in the remainder of the year; but one afternoon while I was waiting in the street I decided to go to a bookstore to make time and seeing that, for five euros I could have two books, there was no way I could to resist. Well, one of those books was Carmilla.


About the book

Carmilla is a book that I’d wanted to read for a long time. It’s true that I didn’t buy the best edition in the world, but it served me well for now. It is, possibly, the first novel of vampires that was written and in which all the others are inspired.

In it, a young girl tells how her quiet and boring life turns upside down after the arrival of a curious and unexpected stranger from whom they must take care of. After the arrival of the beautiful and strange young woman, a series of deaths in the town begins to happen as if it were a plague that also affects the narrator.

The book has the classic hues of gothic terror and the eroticism of the vampire, in this case, lesbian. No doubt Sheridan Le Fanu wrote a novel ahead of his time that will remain immortal throughout history.


But dreams come through stone walls, light up dark rooms, or darken light ones, and their persons make their exits and their entrances as they please, and laugh at locksmiths.


If you have not read it, I encourage you to do so. It is a very short book that can be read in one sitting, but I recommend reading it carefully so as not to lose any detail.

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    Lila on Thursday December 27th, 2018 Reply

    Pues no lo he leído pero tal y como lo describes creo que voy a buscarlo!

    • 2
      moonlight lady on Thursday December 27th, 2018 Reply

      Es un libro corto pero intenso en el no hay ni una sola palabra innecesaria.
      Búscalo, seguro que te gusta 😃

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