Mixed feelings due to Ebonshire’s completion

03. January 2019 Music 0
Mixed feelings due to Ebonshire’s completion

Nox Arcana has released this Christmas their latest songs for the album Ebonshire and this gives me mixed feelings.

Ebonshire is their 20th album, but this one has a peculiarity. Each year, at Christmas, they released 3-4 new songs for this album and this year the last ones have come out.


The good part

This album has accompanied me for hours and hours of writing and I will never get tired of it (even listening to it in a loop). Now that it’s finally complete I can buy the CD.


The not so good part

Every year, when December arrives, I get super excited waiting to listen to the songs of the year. Now that won’t be more songs, that emotional tradition of mine ceases to exist; next year I may be waiting for some songs that will never come.


Anyway, I’m left with a bittersweet feeling, however I’ll hold into that CD.