Nigromante – book review

Nigromante – book review

Have you ever had a crush on a book?

No kidding, this happens and it’s a very intense love at first sight. You enter a bookstore completely unawared to find yourself face to face with a book that, for some reason, catches your attention. There are books that also have the ability to get into your mind and manipulate you to buy them.

This is what happened to me with Necromancer by Carlos Sisí. I saw it for the first time at fnac, but I decided not to buy it because my reading list was way too long; but the book had gotten into my mind and I couldn’t hold for a single week before coming back for it.

The complete title is “Necromancer: under the earth, an ancient secret awakens“. That alone is enough to get my attention. In addition, the cover is very striking, designed with bright colours and relief. This is not to mention that it has a series of gorgeous illustrations.


Short summary:

The book is about a post-apocalyptic future in which the Ancient one’s became extinct, giving rise to a world without science, but with magic. The earth of this new world is dying by the activity of a necromancer and a group of simple men must take a quest to prevent it.


Personal opinion:

It’s an interesting story, but in my opinion the ultimate goal (to face the necromancer) ends up being narrated only in the last 15% of the book and I would have liked more story about it.

There is one thing that I found very curious. At first, since the book was based on a time of patriarchal communities, the way of narrating it was very sexist. I didn’t like it at all and I even thought about leaving it uncompleted. However, as the story evolves, also does the society and this sexism is completely lost when men realize how crucial women are in their lives. An applause to Carlos Sisí for having managed to capture this with such perfection.

In short, it is a different and original story that is worth reading if you like fantasy (and also if you don’t).

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