The best concert of my life – Powerwolf

21. January 2019 Music 0
The best concert of my life – Powerwolf

I don’t know very well how to write this post because I simply don’t have the words, every time that someone has asked me about the concert I’ve simply said THE BEST CONCERT OF MY LIFE. I’ll try anyway.

Anyway, if words are not the best for this post just give me a couple of days and I’ll made the video of the concert.

Last weekend we went for the third time in less than a year to Barcelona because that Saturday (January 12) was Powerwolf’s concert. Once again I travelled to Barcelona while being sick, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it.

A few days before the concert I was nervous, a few hours before I was as excited as a child on Christmas night. Imagine how I was feeling when we finally entered the concert room!



The truth is that everything happened so fast. After the opening we didn’t have to wait long for the first band, Kissing Dynamite, to start playing. I didn’t know them and the most heavy and glam branch of metal is not my favourite, but I must admit that they did great, they enjoyed on stage and they made us enjoy as well. I wouldn’t mind seeing them again one day.

Then it was the turn of Amaranthe. I cannot say much about this band because I simply don’t like them. I don’t like at all that mix of metal with electro music. Bute veryone to his own taste.



And at last Powerwolf finally came on stage. Fire and Forgive started playing and so began an authentic apotheosis. All the public singing at the same time, horns in the air, jumping and screaming. At the very moment the song ended the crowd started shouting the band’s name. The musicians in silence, smiling and looking at each other without being able to believe what was happening after just one song. The best thing of all is that the rhythm didn’t decay, neither that of the band nor the one of the audience.

Song after song they gave everything they have to create the perfect concert. The set list was amazing, all their best songs were there. Attila’s voice is incredible; he didn’t miss a note nor his voice trembled once. Everyone moved around the stage in such a natural way that it was impossible not to realize that they are dedicated to that and that they love it, even Falk Maria, who didn’t want to just stay behind the piano the whole concert was moving around the stage.

They also interacted with the public. They made us sing, shout, jump and chant their names. I don’t know who ended up happier, us or them.

I gave my all even though I was sick in the throat until Resurrection by Erection, which was when I run out of voice. Even so I kept jumping and singing (even if it was silent) the songs that were left.

The concert was just perfect, but one of the best moments was at the end. When they had finished and the stage lights were off, the audience began to chant the name of the band, so much so that they ended up going out and singing two more songs! The concert didn’t end there, when they had left for the second time the typical recorded song began to play and once again the audience shouted, but this time to sing to the rhythm of that song. Powerwolf went once again to the stage, this time with Coleus Sanctus before concluding the concert.



I thought it was a good idea to share the set list with links to the songs, so here they are in case anyone wants to listen to them!

  1. Lupus Daemonis (grabación)
  2. Fire and Forgive
  3. Army of the Night
  4. Incense & Iron
  5. Amen & Attack
  6. Let There Be Night
  7. Demons Are a Girl’s Best Friend
  8. Killers by the Cross
  9. Armata Strigoi
  10. Blessed & Possessed
  11. Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone
  12. Resurrection by Erection
  13. Stossgebet
  14. All We Need Is Blood
  15. We Drink Your Blood
  16. Lupus Dei
  17. Agnus Dei (grabación)
  18. Sanctified With Dynamite
  19. Werewolves of Armenia
  20. Wolves Against The World (grabación)
  21. Coleus Sanctus