Each time I go to Barcelona someone gives me the evil eye

28. January 2019 Diary 2
Each time I go to Barcelona someone gives me the evil eye

It’s curious how, being that I had never been to Barcelona, ​​I’ve made three trips there in less than a year, all of them to attend to metal concerts. But even more curious is that none of those three times I’ve managed to go with a perfect health.

On the first trip, we went to see Avatar, we both had a flu and were taking antibiotics. To top it off the weather was horrible with cold, wind and rain.



The second trip, which we went to see Nightwish, I had the misfortune that coincided with one of those moments in which my left wrist decides to make my life impossible. I remember spending the entire trip squeezing my wristband and at the concert, fearing if someone would hit it.



And in this last one, we were going to see Powerwolf, I went with the worst flu of the year. No need to say that I came back even worse than I left, with a sore throat, an ear pain and without a voice.



I couldn’t tell if it’s a simple matter of bad luck or if someone has given me the evil eye… let’s see what happens the next time.

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    Pau on Monday January 28th, 2019 Reply

    Ais que lástima! Bueno, seguro que aun así ha valido la pena

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      moonlight lady on Monday January 28th, 2019 Reply

      Eso sin duda, pero espero tener más suerte a la próxima

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