Tambor, the cutest bunny ever

11. February 2019 Bunnies 1
Tambor, the cutest bunny ever

It’s been already a week and I think it’s time to introduce you to the new member of the family. Those who follow me on Facebook or Instagram have already seen his little face, but still I don’t think I can get to share enough photos of him in my entire life <3



It’s a three-month old baby bunny called Tambor. Although at home we call him Bichi, Cookie, Amor, Tamborcito and Tambourine (don’t ask).

It’s a hairy ball of love and bad temper who hates being locked into the cage. He loves carrots and apples and makes a very funny noise when drinking water.



To be so small he is very clever and expressive and knows how to be understood perfectly. When he is happy, he runs and jumps like crazy; to say I love you he gives us kisses and rubs his little head in our hand; when he is angry, which is usually when he is in the cage, he kicks on the floor and bites the bars; and when you annoy him or he wants to ask for something he pushes you with his nose or pulls your clothes. Also, when he runs he makes a noise “humm humm” that is ADORABLE.


I think you just have to see that little hairy face to fall in love with him.


There is only one thing that I do not understand. When I’m holding him and he is relaxed, I always get pooped! If there is a rabbit daddy/mommy that reads me, please help.

As I suppose you imagine, I already have my phone full of photos and videos of him, thank goodness I bought the model of 128 GB of memory.

He’s only been home for a week and he is already indispensable in my life, pets make a family better.

And you, do you have a pet?


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    Anónimo on Thursday June 3rd, 2021

    Yo tengo un conejo también super bonito y adorable. Es un macho super mono.

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