The House on the Borderland – book review

The House on the Borderland – book review

The House on the Borderland is a short novel by William Hope Hodgson. The novel belongs to the classic genre of Gothic literature, although it begins to include the foundations of the cosmic terror that later exploded Lovecraft.



Two travelers on vacation in rural Ireland find a strange hand-written diary within the ruins of a mysterious and remote house. It tells the scary story of a hermit who lived in that house many years ago, his dark experiences in a damn house out of all logic and reason.


I would divide the novel into three parts

  • A first in which the protagonists go to Ireland on vacation, they find the house and the diary and read it.
  • In the second part the events happen with such speed and stress and intrigue are such that you are forced to read the race. I know there are many things in this part that I missed, but the desire to continue reading was such that I couldn’t help but to devour words.
  • Finally, there is a third part in which the rhythm stops. Very strange things start to happen in a sinister atmosphere of mystery that leads you to read each paragraph a couple of times to understand everything well.
  • The end of the book returns to the frantic reading phase and finally turns to the characters who read the diary.


It is a work in classical gothic literature that is not well known and that, in my humble opinion, should be attributed much more merit.

I bought it by chance in a sale in the book house and I’m very glad I did it. I didn’t even know the title before that.

It is a novel that requires concentration to read and understand everything, although I bet that in a first reading very few people would be able to turn the pages calmly. I have read it compulsively.

For the first time in a long time I missed the subway stop because I was so involved in reading that I didn’t even notice were I was.

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