Master’s degree in Literary Creation

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Master’s degree in Literary Creation

I have already spoken a couple of times about the master I am studying, but I think I’ve never taken a moment to explain what exactly I am doing.

I’m studying the Master in Literary Creation of VIU (Valencian International University) together with Planeta Publishing house.

What is it about?

This master gives the essential bases to be a good writer. The agenda is very complete and interesting and covers all topics of interest with enough depth (narrator, characters, plot…)

It is not a simple literary workshop. It is an official title that requires hours of class, hours of group work and individual work and a final thesis work, which is a novel.

Why did I choose this course?

I don’t know very well how it will be in the rest of the world, but in Spain a master’s degrees is expensive, so before deciding I did an exhaustive search on the different courses that were on the subject. I studied them thoroughly and asked for more information before making the decision.

  • After the search I had no doubt that this master’s degree was the most complete and the one that best suited what I was looking for.
  • The classes are on-line and in the afternoon. This is perfect to me since I work in the mornings and I wouldn’t have been able to attend otherwise.
  • Teachers are renowned writers consecrated in the trade. Who better than them to teach us such an interesting and complex art?
  • The master’s degree is in collaboration with Planeta Publishing house. This ensures the importance and seriousness of the course, not to mention its prestige and the possibilities it can open up in the future.

Subjects and teachers

At the moment I have only completed three subjects, so I can talk to about those.

The narrator with Espido Freire:

This subject was very interesting to me. I’ve been writing for a long time, but I’d never stopped to think on the narrator.

Now that I’ve completed it, I’ve realized that the narrator’s choice of a story is probably the most difficult and important one.

A bad narrator can ruin a good story in the same way that a good one can save a mediocre story.

By applying this to my thesis work I realized how difficult it is to make this decision. I thought about it a lot before deciding, I even did a lot of tests to make sure, and thanks to that I am completely sure that I made the right decision.

The characters with Violeta Serrano:

The characters are something that all of us who have ever written have had to work on.

Thanks to this subject I’ve realized the importance of knowing them better than ourselves. I’ve also realized that it’s not uncommon to get to talk to them (good news, I’m not crazy!)

I love working with characters, because at the end of the day, it is them who built the story we are telling and give sense to it.

The plot with Vanessa Montfort and Pedro Ángel Palou:

If the previous subjects seemed interesting to me this one is already out of my schemes; not because it is more complex or new to me, but because of the passion and enthusiasm of these teachers.

They are two very educated and intelligent people who really feel passion for what they do, and it shows.

I am learning much more than I thought and it turns out that I love to plot!

The space and time with Eva Díaz:

This was a very interesting subject that, unfortunately, in the part of the time it focused too much on the historical novel (I don’t like the historical novel, I don’t like to read it and I don’t intend to write it). Due to this we had no time to study flashbacks and flashforwards properly.

Anyway, the part of the space was very interesting and in one of the activities I wrote the story My Broken Heart.

The atmosphere and symbology with Jose Luís Ferris and Roberto Osa:

I must say that this was one of the subjects I most wanted to study and also the one I liked the least. The manual provided by the teacher is just perfect, but his way of teaching was not the right one for me.

The elective subjects

At the moment I can only say that as electives I can only choose two of the following:literary fiction, non-fiction and mixed genres, children’s and young people’s literature,illustrated fictionand literary edition.

Let’s see if you guess which one I’ve chosen!

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