The mistakes we make

14. March 2019 Diary 0
The mistakes we make

As human beings, we are in some way destined to make mistakes. In fact I would say that a lot of we go of blunder in blunder.

It’s normal, don’t be alarmed. After all, everything has a solution and that solution depends on us most of the time.

The problem comes when the only thing that can fix the crap is the time and we have no other than to be patient.

I don’t know about you, but patience is not one of my virtues and if you join with impulsivity you create a perfect machine designed to screw up. That’s me.

Luckily I have to say that my mistakes don’t usually affect anyone else, that the bomb always explodes on my face. So that’s how it’s been this time.

Not having had enough to change from a super long hair to an asymmetric bob shoulders-length, I decided to throw myself to a french bob. Horror.

Anyway, now I have a very short and uncomfortable hair that I don’t really like and the only thing I can do is to wait patiently for it to grow!

“How beautiful!”

“Looks great on you!”

“I love the change!”

Please, save all that. One thing doesn’t take away the other and, of course, it’s not going to change the fact that I do not like it.

Any trick to encourage/accelerate hair growth would be great.



I calculate that by August I will have it again by the shoulders, which is a length that I like and with which I feel much more comfortable (the bangs will be another story). And who knows, maybe in three or four years I can get it back on my hips.

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