54 Valencia Book Fair

54 Valencia Book Fair

As every year, in April, we enjoy the Book Fair in Valencia. This year, in its 54th edition, it takes place from April 25 to May 5 and, as always, is in Viveros gardens. It is an activity organized by the Book Fair Foundation of Valencia and by the Guild of booksellers of Valencia with which it is intended to promote books, reading and the activity of bookstores.

You can find stalls of all the bookshops of Valencia with the newest books and the most classic books for sale. Also, when selling at the fair, they offer a discount of 10-15%. But buying books is not the only thing that can be done; there are book signing, conferences and talks, reading clubs, etc.


Our purchase:

Last Saturday we went for a walk between books, that is, we got lost in the book fair for the first time.

The amount of people there was unthinkable, between that and the afternoon sun, it’s not surprising that it ended up SO overwhelmed.

Anyway, the afternoon was a success and both Jon and I got a couple of books for our private libraries and a few euros less in the bank account.


A very cold and blue aesthetic clearly predominates in the books we chose but it was by pure chance.


My books:
  1. An edition of The Turn of the Screw by Henry James illustrated by Ana Juan. Curiously, a few days before someone recommended me this book and after having it in my hands I decided not to buy it so I wouldn’t have to carry it on the return trip from Madrid; a big stroke of luck since that edition cannot even be compared to the one I bought.
  2. The Dream of the Chrysalis by Vanessa Montfort. Vanessa has been one of my teachers in the master degree and this novel was released in March, I haven’t read anything about her and this book is ideal to change that.
  3. Flight of Witches. This book is an anthology of witches’ stories written exclusively by contemporary women. I had not seen it, but one of the authors was there, and when she saw me looking through another book with a similar theme, she told me about the book. Result: I took the signed book!



Jon’s books:
  1. For a while he’d wanted to read something from Lovecraft (unforgivable that he had never read it) but he didn’t know where to start, so he picked up one of Alma’s edited and illustrated books.
  2. The Man in the Black Suit by Stephen King illustrated by Ana Juan. I want to make it clear that this book was given to me by the bookseller and before I could say anything, Jon cruelly took it out of my hands and said he was taking it.



I left the fair satisfied but with the feeling that I should have bought something else. There was an edition of the Wizard of Oz illustrated by Benjamin Lacombe that I NEED and a couple of books that had appeared to me in many places and that I will end up buying. But I’ll leave them for another time.

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