The antidote for “I have no time to read”

The antidote for “I have no time to read”

Do you read short stories?

I’m afraid that your answer is probably “no”. I’ve been feeling for a while now that from the few people who actually read there are not many who read short stories. I don’t get why.

It is true that I am a compulsive reader and perhaps that is why I read both novels and stories indifferently, but I have the impression that it is a very undervalued literary genre.


My current reads

Right now I’m somewhat overwhelmed. Between work, master classes and the thesis work I don’t have much free time. Stopping reading is not an option.

A good novel has strong claws that catch you and don’t let you escape. That is a risk that I can’t afford, so the reading anthologies of short stories is the perfect solution.

Right now I am alternating between these three anthologies:

  1. Anthology of horror stories
  2. Roal Dahl’s favourite ghosts
  3. Dark Ladies


“My bunny is trying to drink my tea” is the only valid excuse for not reading.


Why should you read short stories?

There are many times when the pace of life doesn’t leave much room for leisure; there are times we cannot afford to spend a whole night hooked on a novel; there are times when we are so tired that it is hard for us to maintain concentration in the long chapters of a book.

Short stories are perfect for these situations.

  • They are short, precise, accurate.
  • When we read them we have a feeling of totality that doesn’t impel us to continue reading.
  • Many of them don’t require more than five minutes.
  • It stimulates our mind as much as a novel would.


The importance of keeping the habit

Reading is a precious habit that feeds our mind and our vocabulary and (in most cases) makes us a little more cultured. But it is also a volatile habit and the routine for reading is lost if not practiced.

I understand that you are very busy and that your obligations don’t leave you time for breathing, but that is no longer an excuse.

Do you have five minutes to read a short story?


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  • 1
    W on Friday May 10th, 2019 Reply

    I’m in love with that bunny! <3

    • 2
      moonlight lady on Friday May 10th, 2019 Reply

      Me too! She’s so sweet!

  • 3
    Carmen on Friday May 10th, 2019 Reply

    Pues no, no leo relatos, pero lo has escrito de forma que me has convencido y creo que voy a mirarme alguno de los libros que has mencionado. Cuál es el que estás leyendo en las fotos?
    Puede que el conejito haya tenido algo de fuerza para convencerme!!!

    • 4
      moonlight lady on Friday May 10th, 2019 Reply

      Genial!! El de la foto es Antológica de relatos de terror de la editorial Alma Clásicos Ilustrados. Te lo recomiendo porque está muy bien de precio y la edición es preciosa, eso a parte de que se lee fácil y rápido. Yo lo he leído exclusivamente en el metro!!!
      Flor tiene un fuerte poder de convicción jajaja

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