5 things I hate

27. May 2019 Diary 0
5 things I hate

This won’t surprise you very much because I mentioned it a while ago. I hate how it tastes and I hate the breath he leaves; it makes me puke. Interestingly I like his smell while they prepare it

Getting up early

This is possibly what I hate the most. I am a nocturnal creature and getting up before sunrise is not for me at all. I don’t mean that I would get up every day at 12 o’clock, only that 9 is a good time, everything that is earlier should be banned.

Thin heels

I love high-heeled shoes, the higher the better, the platforms, the wedges…, but I hate thin heels. I want some shoes with which I can move without problems and not some that will destroy my feet, legs and back.

Phone calls

I may be having the best day of my life and just a single phone call can ruin my mood for the rest of the day. I don’t know why, I just hate it. I prefer to talk face to face or just WhatsApp.

Vegetable sandwich with tuna

This is something that fills me with anger. Go to dinner somewhere and that the only vegetarian option is that devilish sandwich. SURPRISE! As the tuna grows from a fucking tree we put it into your vegetal sandwich. I don’t know what part of the word “vegetable” they do not understand.


Do you hate any of these?

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