Meeting Espido Freire

30. May 2019 Diary 2
Meeting Espido Freire

Yesterday Espido Freire came to Valencia to talk about her latest book, Pioneers. I had been complaining for some time because these things always happen in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​so I couldn’t waste the opportunity and I went to see her.


This picture is from Espido’s instagram account, I couldn’t have made a better composition


About Pioneers

It is a children’s book that speaks of twenty Spanish or Hispanic American women who opened the way, succeeding or not, with their own merits and efforts. It gathers women from different areas such as cinema or sports and, even, the first postwoman in Spain. Pioneers is an approach for children and not so children to a real feminism that highlights the importance that women have had in the course of history.


About Espido

Espido is, without a doubt, one of the most important voices in Spanish literature, she was the youngest person to win the Planeta prize and has a great literary work behind her

But her career doesn’t stop there. She has managed to take her literature to a completely transmedia world; has made it reach social networks, the world of fashion and beauty and the world of travel.


Meeting Espido

For a while Espido has been a role model for me, I identify a lot with her life and with the not so good experiences she has lived. For that reason, she has become an example of fight, improvement and success and is a great inspiration for me.

As you already know, she is the director of the master’s degree that I am studying and has been one of my teachers.

In summary if Pioneers 2 is ever written she should definitely appear on it!



She is an outstanding writer, a great person and, without a doubt, the best role model.­

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    Mayte Calderon Grobet on Thursday May 30th, 2019 Reply

    Qué oportunidad más grande! Conocer a gente que admiramos nos enriquece e inspira.
    Coincido en que Espido es un modelo a seguir y una de las voces más brillantes de la literatura contemporánea. Gracias por compartir tus vivencias.

    Abrazo de tu compañera de estudios!

    • 2
      moonlight lady on Monday June 3rd, 2019 Reply

      Muchas gracias Mayte!!
      La verdad es que hace mucha ilusión ponerles cara y hablar con ellos y más si son tan majos como Espido!
      Lo mejor es que en julio veremos a muchos más de ellos.
      Un abrazo, Mayte!

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