7 things you didn’t know about me

12. June 2019 Diary 0
7 things you didn’t know about me
I have a broken vertebra

Do not be alarmed, it’s not as serious as it seems. I was born with it like that.

The last sacral vertebra doesn’t have the body joined to the joint facets, this causes the vertebra to move from its site affecting the intervertebral disc and the nerves that come out there. It hurts enough, but with a little exercise I can cope with it.

I am always thirsty and, therefore, I drink a lot of water

It sounds weird but I swear it’s true, as long as I don’t have water in my mouth I’m thirsty. I drink, at least, 4 litres a day (and that without counting the tea).

Before anyone is scared, I consulted with the doctor and, although it seems a lot, is still within the limits of what is healthy.

I HATE coffee

I hate it with all my heart so much that, if I take it, it makes me puke. I hate how it tastes and I hate the breath he leaves; although I must admit that I love how it smells while they prepare it.

I’m definitely more of a tea person.

I do not like watching series alone

My oddities come to this point, I only see series if someone forces me to do so. I prefer to do many other things rather than sit in front of a screen to waste my time so, as much as I like the plot I will leave the series unfinished unless I’m watching it with someone else.

These are my favourite series, I’ll leave you here in case anyone is curious:

  1. Penny Dreadfull
  2. Salem
  3. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
I can’t be under the sunlight

It is quite strange that the sunlight affects me in such a strong way given that I’m not an extremely pale person. Half an hour sitting in the sun and I get a sunstroke, not to mention the burns, blisters and dark spots that come out on my skin.

Something funny is that, when I started to lose my sight, my previous eye doctor didn’t want to give me glasses because he thought that instead of myopia I had photosensitivity.

I would love to live in a little house lost in the woods

The hubbub of the city, the rush, pollution and dehumanization that is everywhere overwhelms me and drains my energies. I would like to live in a quiet and beautiful place with pure air. Unfortunately, work enslaves us under the yoke of the city.

I’m writing my third novel

Just as you read, I have written two novels and I’m already working on the third one, but I also have an anthology of stories and a few poems. And the best of all? They are all taking virtual dust on a hard drive.

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