Vuelo de Brujas – book review

Vuelo de Brujas – book review

Vuelo de Brujas is an anthology stories exclusively written by Spanish and Latin American authors. It is one of the books that I bought at the book fair and I came to it in a curious way.

I was reading the summary of a witch-themed book that had caught my attention when I heard a voice asking me “Do you like witches’ stories?”. She was the author of one of the stories in this book, I talked with her for a while and I bought the book.



This book is a tribute to the witches and all the stories deal with the subject from their own perspective. I intuit that the intention of the book is to get rid of the classic conception of a stooped and evil woman who is tempted by the devil to get closer to the idea of ​​a strong, independent, self-sufficient and intelligent woman.

A collection of stories of terror and fantasy that weaves the personal coven of these thirteen authors.



It’s an entertaining and easy-to-read book (I’ve read it on the subway), but it has not been my favourite. As an extra I want to add that the edition is a bit flimsy and that in the end I was afraid that it would break when I opened it.

It is true that they try to get away from the classic conception of a witch, but I think they still walk hand in hand with it, since they don’t distance themselves, in most of the stories, from the figure of the devil. Don’t get me wrong, I love classic witch stories where there are pacts, sacrifices and dark magic; but if you intend to give a facelift to the term, you have to leave all that aside.

On the other hand, there are great  and not so great stories on the book. Some end up too fast and leave many things in the air and others, however, are quite predictable (maybe I’ve read too many stories of witches).


After all I give a 3/5 to this book.

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    Gala on Friday June 21st, 2019 Reply

    Podrías recomendarme algún libro sobre la verdadera historia de las brujas detrás del mito? Es decir, de la quema de mujeres libres, cómo se produjo y por qué y qué representaban estas mujeres. Sobre ese tema solo he leído a Silvia Federicci en el Caliban y la Bruja y me interesa un montón saber más.

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      moonlight lady on Tuesday June 25th, 2019 Reply

      Hola!! Gracias por pasarte a comentar 🙂
      Por desgracia creo que no puedo ayudarte. Personalmente no sé si se han escrito muchos libros dentro del género de ficción que traten la historia de esa manera y quizás te resulte más fácil encontrar algo dentro de novela histórica. Por desgracia en ese campo no puedo ayudarte ya que no es un género en el que me mueva con soltura.
      De cualquier forma, me han recomendado varias veces “Siempre hemos vivido en el castillo” de Shirley Jackson. No lo he leído aún pero dicen que es una novela que trata el asunto de forma diferente. Si se me ocurriera alguno te lo comento.
      Un saludo!

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