One day at Download Festival

04. July 2019 Music 0
One day at Download Festival

Last Saturday, in the heat wave, we were in Madrid to attend the Download Festival even if it was just for one day. It was my birthday gift, so imagine how excited I was!

I will tell you a bit about the experience and show. You can also see an IGTV video on my instagram account.


The odyssey to the enclosure

I don’t exaggerate, bear in mind that we are not from Madrid and that we didn’t have in mind how big the Magic Box is.

The taxi driver left us in the compound, but, apparently, at the opposite end of the entrance. We had to walk more than 20 minutes under a scorching sun and without even the slightest shadow, until we found the door.

It was very frustrating to go around the place, finding emergency exits that we could not enter.

As a result, I burned my lips and my hairline and, possibly, this was the trigger for the later faintness.



Amon Amarth

This was the group that I was eager to see and they didn’t disappoint me at all. They have an impeccable live, both the music and the voice surpass the recordings; they have a brutal force and also offer a great show with changes of scenery, fire and performances.

I would love to see them again, but this time in the privacy of a concert hall.



This is the group Jon wanted to go to the festival for. I have not heard them too much. It could be said that 99% of the people who attended the festival stopped what they were doing to see them play. Thousands of people crowded screaming and jumping despite the heat, moved by the excitement of seeing them live. It was a magical moment.

Unfortunately, it was my fault that we had to get away from the crowd before the concert ended and we lost a couple of songs.


A heatstroke

I don’t know if it was because of the long walk in the sun before entering the enclosure, because of the 40º of dry heat that lasted until late afternoon or because of the heat accumulated in the asphalt that began to come out at sunset, but I had a heatstroke.

At the end of the Slipknot concert I began to feel that discomfort and that cold sweat that warns you that you will faint. Luckily Jon noticed it and we moved a bit away. Sitting on the ground and breathing “fresh air” it disappeared quickly.



You may think that, with all this, I must have had enough festival for a long time, but it’s not like that. I had a great time despite the heat, the sun and the dizziness and I would definitely come back. For now, I look forward to August to go to the next one!