The day we could have been stroke by a lightning

11. July 2019 Diary 0
The day we could have been stroke by a lightning

Last weekend we had one of the classic summer storms in Valencia: it was sweltering, it rained a lot and there was an electric storm. It was also one of those storms that deceive you and that ignores the weather predictions.

We wanted to go to Olocau to see the Iberian ruins on Saturday, but it was meant to be raining (it didn’t actually rain) so we left it for Sunday, when there wasn’t to be a storm (there was a thunderstorm).



The journey was quite calm; the sky was grey but there was no prediction of rain. We went up facing the unbearable heat, but once up we decided to run down.

It was quite shocking to see how the electricity in the air was so strong that it affected our hair. It seemed that lightning would strike at any moment, it’s not surprising we panicked.

Anyway, it was a mini-trip that was very necessary. It was a big blow in favour of the plan the fact that it was cloudy. Next time we will try to avoid the danger of lightning!


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