Holiday ahoy!

24. July 2019 Diary 0
Holiday ahoy!

I think I had never wanted so much for summer to come, not because of the heat, obviously, but because of the holidays. In a couple of weeks, I finish my working contract and, in fact, I’m looking forward to that (that says a lot about my job). Anyway, in sight I have a vacation full of plans and I won’t worry about anything until September arrives.

July started strong with the Download Festival, but I have already talked about that, some shorty trips and a visit to Terra Mítica.

But now in August the good things begin. First of all, I star my holyday and don’t get an idea of ​​how much I need them. Then we go to Leyendas four days and then I have a couple of trips that I am already planning.

Among all this I will have a lot of time to devote to the novel and, with a little luck, from now to September it will be almost finished!!

Anyway, I’ll tell you as I go on adventures. I hope you also have a good summer ahead.

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