El sueño de la crisálida – book review

El sueño de la crisálida – book review

Today I’ll tell you about Vanessa Montfort‘s latest book, El sueño de la crisalida. It is quite different book from what I usually read, but Vanessa was my teacher in the master’s degree and I liked everything about her so much that I couldn’t help reading it.

This book is not translated to English yet but I don’t think you’ll have to wait much since Vanessa is one of the most translated Spanish authors.



Two women, who apparently have little and nothing in common, share hours on a plane from New York to Madrid. One is an ex-journalist, Patricia, and the other an ex-nun, Greta, but they share a horrible common experience, mobbing. After this meeting they make a deal in which Patricia agrees to write the story of her new friend and Greta to get her “normal person” documents, all that in a year!


About the book

It is a contemporary novel with a strong component of self-fiction, as Vanessa herself acknowledges.

It is a very different type of literature from the one I’m passionate about and for that reason there was a moment when I considered leaving the book for the moment and returning to it when I was more prepared. I didn’t do it; I’ve never left a book unfinished because although I don’t like it, as a writer I can learn a lot from it. In this case, Vanessa writes some dialogues that are authentic works of art.

Shortly after the crisis that made me consider abandonment, I realized that I had been misinterpreting the book. It’s not just about Patricia and Greta’s mobbing story, it’s about anyone in the 21st century who reads the book, it’s about me.

Upon realizing this, your vision of the book changes and it becomes a life lesson that doesn’t leave you indifferent. It has certainly changed me; it has helped me out of the hamster’s wheel and set aside my virtual life in pursuit of my real life.




The first thing I want to say is that Vanessa’s pen is simply perfect. As I said, the dialogues are fascinating and the way of taking history as a diary is magical.

It is an important book that helps us open our eyes to the world in which we live, because we have a very short life and we are wasting it.

It is a hard book, one that is not read just for pleasure, but in my opinion it’s a book that we should all read.

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    Vaya le verdad que me encantan tus críticas literarias !!!

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      Muchas gracias!!!

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