Jane Eyre – book review

Jane Eyre – book review

After a long time of enduring the shame of knowing that I had not read the of Charlotte Brontë’s masterpiece, I can already say that I have finally done it. I just read Jane Eyre and I LOVED IT!



Jane Eyre is an orphan girl who lives with an aunt who hates her and who sends her to a strict boarding school where she gets an impeccable training that will gain her a good job.

After 8 years at the boarding school, first as a student and then as a teacher, she obtains a position of governess in Thornfield Hall under the mandate of Mr Rochester. There her life, forcibly monotonous, acquires a drastic turn that will test her many times, constantly risking her happiness and future.



I liked the book so much that I would say that it is in a very high position in my top 10, maybe even in my top 3! I can’t believe that it took me so long to finally read it.

There are several things that we must keep in mind when reading the book, the most important are the time in which it was written and the mentality of the people at that time. Keeping this in mind is an arduous, though tender, love story.

Charlotte Brontë’s way of writing has made me fall in love, the delicacy of her dialogues and the subtlety of her descriptions.

In addition, the book has kept me in suspense until the end, anxious to know if all the hardships that poor Jane has experienced will have a reward at the end.



For me this book has been a 5/5! Now I feel like watching the movie, let’s see how good it is.

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