5 tricks to overcome a reading block

5 tricks to overcome a reading block

I don’t know if you have already heard about it, but it exists. It happens when a person who loves to read suddenly doesn’t feel like it. It’s hard, because you want to read but you just can’t.

Almost all activities that require creativity and imagination are susceptible to blockage. Here I tell you some tricks to get out of a reading block:


  1. Always carry a book with you

It seems silly, but this is super important. You never know when the block is going to fade. Maybe you feel like reading on the bus or subway, in the doctor’s waiting room or anywhere else.

  1. Try something different or lighter

We all know that there are genres that require more attention or which are more complex to read. It’s not the same to read a historical novel or a classic than a YA novel or a romantic comedy (I’m not despising any genre). In cases of block it’s best to opt for easier-to-read genres.

It is also a very good idea to choose an anthology of stories; it’s easier to face a short story that a whole novel.

  1. Reread one of your favourites

Surely you have thought of a book, one that you have read more than once and that you would never get tired of reading. Take that book and read it again, it may be your escape from the block.

My favourites are The Picture of Dorian Gray and Treasure Island, but the stories of Lovecraft and Poe work wonders too.

  1. Try reading in a different place

Sometimes monotony kills creativity and believe me, it takes a lot to read! Sometimes changing our reading place helps, it can be as simple as taking a chair out to the balcony, going to a cafeteria or going out to a park.

  1. Set yourself goals

It can be from read pages to reading time. Personally, it works better for me to set a reading time.

When I am so blocked that I cannot read I put on a 15-minute stopwatch and force myself to read that time. With the passing of the days I endure more and more and in the end I get so hooked I don’t hear the alarm.


Sometimes we force ourselves to do things or we get too strict schedules. If reading, which is supposed to be a hobby, ends up feeling like an obligation the best thing you can do is take a break. It’s ok to spend some time without reading, our mind needs breaks.

Take the time you need and so you will return with much more desire!

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    moonlight lady on Tuesday September 24th, 2019

    Que razón tienes!
    A mí me han servido, si alguna vez vuelves a estar bloquead@ espero que también te vengan bien!!

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    M. on Tuesday September 24th, 2019

    Yo he sufrido esto y es un asco… muchas gracias por los trucos!

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