Short trip to Albarracín

26. September 2019 Wanderlust 0
Short trip to Albarracín

This summer, after the music festival, we couldn’t to agree on a weekend for a short trip. Prices in August soar. Anyway, the trip was pending and last weekend we went to Albarracín.

I’ve made a short video of the trip for IGTV and you can see it here!


The first day

On Friday we arrived at the hotel about six in the afternoon. Caserón de la Fuente was an old wool factory moved by a water mill and it retains all the rustic charm I could have imagined, not only in the rooms, but in the common areas. It has the great advantage of being located by the river.

After unloading the suitcases we went straight to the town to stroll a little and look for a place to have dinner. Casualties of life, we ended up having wine with the writer Antonio Pérez Gómez (Chani).


Cave Paintings

In Albarracín several archaeological sites were found with cave paintings and we could not go and not see them.

It was a route through the forest that took us all the morning and which has a lot of charm. The landscape is dreamy, not only you walk among the tall trees of the forest, but also between some even higher rocks.

The last stop on the route was the viewpoint. We were doubting whether to go see them or not, because we were running out of time, but the view was well worth it.


The walls and the castle

Another of the obligatory stops when visiting Albarracín is the guided visit to the castle and the walk along the walls. Of course, you have to be prepared to climb slopes and stairs because in the town there is not a damn flat street.


Albarracín’s food

Being vegetarian, every time I go on a trip to a small town I tremble in fear at the thought that I will only be able to eat salads and, hopefully, some veggie barbecue. But in Albarracín I have eaten like a queen!

Almost all restaurants had elaborate vegetarian options, but I prefer La Taba menu. If you go you have to try it!


We have left many things to do and see, but being so close to Valencia I bet we’ll come back soon!

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