The Last Wish – book review

The Last Wish – book review

You may remember my insistent complaints about my reading block and the advices I gave you to overcome it (you can read them here) and maybe also that I mentioned a book I thought was going to get out of the block. Today I talk about that book, The Last Wish.

This is the first volume of a saga written by Andrej Sapkowski consisting of 9 books. The saga is known as The Witcher, but you may know it as a videogame.



This book consists of a set of short stories that tell the adventures of the witcher Geralt, is written as an introduction to present the character and his past in the face of the bulk of the saga, which begins in book 3.

It is a fantasy and adventure book that mixes a present story divided into small stories that interspersed with stories from the protagonist’s past.

In this book we not only know the sorcerer but also other characters that seem important like Yennefer, Jaskier and Nenneke.



As I thought this book came to the rescue to save me from the reading block, so I certainly loved it. There are 254 pages that I have read in a matter of 5 days and that, if ir wasn’t for the buddy reading, I could have read in 2.

I really liked it as an introduction to the magical world. It is a story that has all the ingredients that I like in a novel: fantasy, adventure and romance.

In addition, there was a particular chapter that reminded me of a story I wanted to write and that I had forgotten.


Reading club

I am in a reading club with a couple of friends and this is the book we chose for our first month read. It took a long time to find it but we have devoured it. I dare to say that I am not the only one who has been captivated by the witcher and his curious personality!

We already have the second book for our October reading.


In short, it is a very entertaining book that absorbs you so much that it is difficult to stop reading. If you like fantasy you must read it. For me it’s a 4’5/5!

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