The Sword of Destiny – book review

The Sword of Destiny – book review

A little while ago I told you about the first book of the Geralt de Rivia Saga and today I come to talk to you about the second, The Sword of Destiny.



This book consists of a six stories (quite more extensive than those of the previous book), which narrate more depth the adventures of the witcher Geralt. Like the previous one, it introduces us to the main characters and brings us closer to their personality and their way of living.

Apart from the characters we knew from the previous book, one more appears, Ciri, who I think will be very relevant in the following books.



I loved the book and, as I was used to the author’s peculiar way of narrating, I found it very easy to read. It is a story that has all the ingredients that I like in a novel: fantasy, adventure and romance.

There were several stories that I loved, the first one about the dragon. And then those in which Ciri comes out. I really want to read more about this character.


Reading club

This has been our second book for the reading club and I dare to say that at all three of us loved it! This month we are reading the third book.

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