The Shinning – book review

The Shinning – book review

About a month ago a friend and I decided to read together The Shinning and Doctor Sleep and then go to see the movie. It took me a little more than I thought, but I finished the first one and I bring you review.



The Torrance family goes through a streak driven by alcohol, outbursts of temper and Jack’s lack of work. When he is presented with a new job as a guard of the Overlook Hotel during the winter, he doesn’t doubt it for a moment. Spending the rest of the winter alone in an isolated hotel in the mountains because of the snow doesn’t seem like a very encouraging idea, but they have no choice.

Things will only get worse when the hotel “comes alive” and begins to influence them.


The book and the movie

This is the first time I break my golden rule, don’t watching the series/movie before reading the book. Knowing what is going to happen all the time – taking into account the licenses that are taken in the screenplays – and that takes so long to happen makes me crazy.




I liked the book, although it is true that I expected much more from it. The first 200-300 pages were terribly slow but, from there, the book takes on a dizzying pace. It is a very well linked story that generates so much stress that sometimes you need to close the book to breathe.

In my opinion I have lacked blood and deaths, yes, even more.

It is a chilling story that is worth reading, especially if you have not seen the movie!

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    Xhur on Thursday November 28th, 2019 Reply

    Que horror !!!!!! Me muero yo leyendo ese libro … no pude con la.pelicula (con ninguna película de terror ) 😓

    • 2
      moonlight lady on Thursday November 28th, 2019 Reply

      El libro es mejor y yo diría que más suspense que terror

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