Thornhill – book review

Thornhill – book review

This book was not among those I intended to read at the beginning of the year, to be honest I didn’t even know about its publication, but when I started to see it on Instagram I couldn’t resist. Thornhill is a story written and illustrated by Pam Smy.


About the edition

The book tells two parallel stories separated by more than 20 years.

  • The first, written as journal entries, tells the story of an orphan girl who lived in the Thornhill orphanage and suffered bulling.
  • The second, narrated only through illustrations, tells the story of a girl who has moved near Thornhill and finds the journal.

As you can imagine, the book contains a huge amount of illustrations, all in black and white, that make the story run in mind as if you were watching a movie.

On the other hand, the book is from Blackie Books and the quality of the edition is consistent with their style. The cover is illustrated and has reliefs and the quality of the interior paper is great and very pleasant to the touch, matte so that the illustrations are better appreciated.



“She has come back. I get chills from fear, running down my back from the back of my neck. And now what do I do?”

In Thornhill, an enchanted orphanage, terror may not come from ghosts, but from girls who sleep by your side. And friendship, of those who read your diary many years later…




It took me less than two days to read the whole story, it seems like a very thick book, but since it has so many illustrations it reads very fast. In addition, the story hooks so much that it is difficult to put down the book.

A different type of terror in which what is scary are not the monsters, but the humans.

In short, I loved it and I didn’t expect the ending at all!

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