Blood of Elves – book review

Blood of Elves – book review

I am talking once again about The Witcher Saga, this time from the third book Blood of Elves.



This is the first book of the saga written in novel format. The story focuses more on Ciri, the surprise girl, we also follow the character of Geralt in his attempts to try to discover who and why are looking for Ciri.

Geralt finds Ciri and runs away to Kaer Morhen. There the girl is safe and is trained in the art of the sword and fight like a witch. But Geralt and the other sorcerers cannot alone and ask for help from a sorceress. Ciri ends in the sanctuary of Melitele, under Yennefer’s tutelage, and also begins to form as a sorceress. Her dreams and nightmares continue to harass her at night, but thanks to her growing magical knowledge she begins to be able to control them.

Geralt, meanwhile, tries to discover who this Rience is, who he works for and why they look for the girl. All this in the middle of a war with nonhumans and with Nifgaard.



Once again, I loved the book. Ciri’s character is one of my favorites and with this book I have come to understand her much more. In the same way, the dislike I had for Yennefer has softened a bit, although her still doesn’t seem reliable to me.

The book still has a lot of action and more and more characters appear on the scene. I loved the fact that anyone can become a narrator, even if it is a filler character.


Reading club

As before, I have read this book for our reading club. Now that the launch of the series is approaching I am very excited and I can’t stop reading! Who knows, I might even be encouraged to give the game a chance.

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