A bunny at home

16. December 2019 Bunnies 0
A bunny at home

Christmas is coming and we all begin to think about the gifts. Many of us end up opting for a pet; after all, what can make our loved ones more happy than a furry baby?

Adopting an animal is a precious act, we give them a home and a family that will love and care for them. The problem comes when we don’t know what it means to have a pet and we are not willing to run with it.

From experience I know that bunnies are the animals that suffer most from this type of abandonment and that is why I want to tell you a little about what it means to have a bunny at home.


Many people think that bunnies are pets that are not going to require much time or dedication, and well, neither money. IT’S A LIE.

Bunnies require the same care as any other pets, in fact, I think that in needs and way of being they can look a lot like cats.


  • Bunnies have to go to the vet several times each year, they must be vaccinated and neutered.
  • Bunnies are social creatures, so it is convenient to spend a lot of time with them and, if possible, give them a little friend.
  • Bunnies are very active animals, they should not be locked in cages but have space to play, jump and run.
  • Each bunny has its personality: some are affectionate and curious and others more elusive, but none like to be picked up.


I am not trying to dissuade you, bunnies are extraordinary animals. They are very intelligent, they make almost no noise, they love to play and make little mischief. They develop a very strong bond with their owners, they recognize us and they look for us and follow us around the house. I just want you to know what it means to have a bunny so that later you don’t get any surprises.

In the next few days I will tell you more about these tiny creatures: about the veterinarian, about their diet, about how to have their little house…

I really hope you decide to give a home to one, or several, bunnies and if you have any questions I will be happy to solve it for you.


If you want to follow the adventures of my little bunnies you can fin us on Instagram as @tamboryflor

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