5 classic novels perfect to read at Christmas

5 classic novels perfect to read at Christmas

Christmas, time to rest and be with our loved ones but, let’s not fool ourselves, it’s also time to read. I am not very willing to read Christmas-themed books, but with the classics, as always, I make an exception. Today I bring you a selection of perfect classics to read at Christmas (or simply winter). Some of them I have read, but others remain on my TBR.

In a few days I will share a similar list but with modern books at the request of my Instagram friends!


1. A Christmas Carol

It is a novel written by Charles Dickens in 1843. It is best known for its famous ghosts of past, present and future Christmas.

The old Scrooge, a greedy and selfish old man encounters the aforementioned ghosts that show him scenes of his past, present and future to tell him about a destiny to avoid. After these visits Scrooge can change to be a better person and avoid the sad fate they have shown or follow as it was and ignore the warnings.

I love this story and I am convinced that it is to blame for ghosts and Christmas to be so good together.


2. The Polar Express

It is a novel written by Chris Van Allsburg in 1985. You may not know the book but some of its cinematographic adaptations may sound familiar to you.

It tells the adventures lived on Christmas Eve by an 8-year-old boy who was about to stop believing in Christmas. A train stops in front of his window and takes him, along with other children traveling to the North Pole where they will have the opportunity to meet Santa Claus to recover their Christmas spirit.

I would say that it is the Christmas novel par excellence. It is not my favorite story, but I recognize that it is a novel we should all read.


3. The Nutcracker And The Mouse King

It is a tale written by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffman in 1816. Like the previous one, it has been adapted several times and to different media.

It tells the story of a girl and the toy they give her for Christmas, the nutcracker. He fights with the army of the mouse king to save her and be able to take her with him to his magical kingdom. The girl discovers Mrs. Ratona’s curse and how it affected the poor nutcracker.


4. The Little Lead Soldier

Story written by Hans Christian Andersen in 1849. It is not a novel in itself, but a tale, but its fame was such that it has been adapting to musicals and movies.

It is not a Christmas story, but for some reason everything encourages me to read it at this time of year. It tells the tragic story of the lead soldier who has only one leg and how he falls in love with a beautiful paper dancer.


5. The Little Match Girl

This story is also by Hans Christian Andersen and he wrote it in 1848. It is a sad and tragic tale written for children carrying a strong moral about compassion.

It tells the story of a little girl who sells matches on the last night of the year, the coldest. A girl who has nothing and needs to sell matches to eat. It shows the reality of people mired in poverty, hunger and pain without anyone deigning to help them; a story that does not lose its relevance with the passage of time.

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