Time of Contempt – book review

Time of Contempt – book review

Does the name Geralt de Rivia sounds familiar to you? I imagine so, because it seems I haven’t talked about anything else in the last few months. Today I bring you the review of the fourth book of the saga. But before I start I want to confess that the same day I finished it I went straight to buy the fifth one.



“To say that I met her would be an exaggeration. I think that, except the witcher and the sorceress, no one ever really knew her. When I saw her for the first time, she didn’t make a special impression on me, even despite the extraordinary circumstances that accompanied her. Some who have said that instantly, at first sight, they perceived the breath of death that this girl was following. However, she seemed completely normal to me, and by then I knew that she was not normal, so I struggled to look, discover, perceive the extraordinary in her, but nothing I saw and nothing I perceived, nothing that could have been a sign, foreboding, or prophecy of the tragic events that followed.” Jasper – Century of poetry

That is the summary that the book has and I think it goes perfectly with what happens in it. Basically, this fourth book tells how things are slowly ruined until we reach the last page; Everything to create in you the imperative need to read the fifth immediately. We are puppets in the hands of great Sapkowski.



As in the previous books, the story focuses on the characters of Geralt and Ciri (also in Yennefer, but to a lesser extent). In addition, as the story progresses the whole plot becomes, if possible, more interesting.

It is a book of contrasts: Geralt’s hardships and what he has to do to make a living and protect those he loves, Ciri’s education and her amazing ability to learn and the contrast with the superficiality and opulence with which sorcerers claim hide their political game.

It is a book that has everything, action, adventures, emotional and loving reunions, loss, despair, resurgence…

It’s definitely worth it and you should read it.

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