The best books of 2019

The best books of 2019

I can’t believe that another year is already gone, I haven’t even realised when it has happened! Anyway, with both feet in a new year it is time to review 2019 to collect the best 10 books of the year!

By clicking on the title of each book you can go to their respective reviews.


1. Hell House

The last book I read in the year and one of the ones I liked the most. At the beginning I had mixed feelings about the story but by reading it, it has completely won me over! And yes, I chose this one before The Haunting of Hill House.


2. The Witcher Saga

I don’t want to repeat myself, but this saga is great. It has absolutely everything I like in a book and I am hooked. I have read volumes 1 to 4:


3. Esclavos de Ceniza (Ash Slaves)

My great discovery of the year, a young Spanish author with a pen created for fantasy. I bought the book by the cover and it didn’t disappoint me a bit. The characters are great and the plot super interesting, it is also very easy to read.


4. Jane Eyre

Without a doubt the great classic of the year. I had never read it and I had my doubts that I would like it because of the weight romance had to the plot. How wrong I was! Charlotte Brontë’s pen is prodigious and the ease it has to make such a little fanciful story hook so much is incredible.


5. The house on the Bortherland

Another type of novel, but also considered classic. A very underrated author who built the foundations of cosmic terror, later exploited by Lovecraft. The story is creepy, scary and fantastic. I am sure that I will read it again in 2020.


6. Bowie, a biography

I have never read a biography before and I know that I will not read many throughout my life, but with Bowie I always make an exception. The way it is narrated, mixing reality and fiction, and the illustrations make this book a collector’s gem.


7. Thornhill

Another scary story, but of a different kind. A novel narrated half in writing and the other half illustrated with a very unexpected ending. It teaches us that the worst monsters are human and that very illustrated books run in our heads as if they were a movie.


8. Carmilla

Probably the first story of Vampires ever written and, to my liking the best one. After this book I have not been able to find any other Vampire story that I have been so passionate about (luckily  I read Dracula before). Anyone who considers himself a vampire lover should read it.


9. Irlanda

The first novel of one of the greatest Spanish writers and one of my masters teachers. A short novel that mixes innocence with cruelty to tell a story in which reality and fiction intermingle. Something curious is that I read it twice in a week.


10. We Have Always Lived in the Castle

Following the previous one I discovered Shirley Jackson and her work. From what I read this is the one I like the most. She has a curious way of narrating in which she normalises the psychological problems of the characters and even gets us to adopt their manias. An underrated author who may be the biggest influencer in today’s terror.


And here comes to an end my TOP 10 and today’s post. I hope I have not extended much and have not bored you talking about books that I had already told you. I hope you had a fantastic 2019 and 2020 is even better!


Have you read any of these books? What have been your favourites of the year?

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