Baptism of Fire – book review

Baptism of Fire – book review

Today I want to talk about the fifth book of The Witcher saga, Baptism of Fire. As you well know, when I finished the fourth book I had to run to buy this one because the end was going to kill me with anxiety. Well, in that book that anxiety doesn’t disappear, but slowly fades with the passing of the pages.



Before I start talking about the book, I want to remind you a little of what happens at the end of the previous book.

The paths of Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer separate after the battle of the sorcerers. Ciri flees using the dangerous portal of the Swallow Tower, Geralt is seriously injured and Yennefer mysteriously disappears at some point in the battle.

At the end of the book we know what happened to little Ciri, but we don’t know anything about the other two protagonists.



Geralt is in Brokiloon healing his serious wounds, but he can’t get rid of his concern. When he learns that the rumors say that Ciri has fallen into the hands of the Emperor of Nifgaard leaves the forest even though his wounds are not completely healed to go in her search. He parts along with a strange group that wants to help him: his friend and poet Jaskier; Milva, a young archer; a strange barber with more than one dark secret called Regis; and a fifth person that I won’t reveal.

This curious group must cross the forests of several countries, trying to flee at the same time from the war, to get to Ciri.



This book is quite different from the others. The original idea of ​​the witcher hunting monsters is blurred to give rise to the knight who seeks to save the maiden. It is also a more “gray” book since the entire continent is at war and that transpires in the mood of the characters.

At first I thought I wasn’t liking it as much as the previous ones, but as I read the story has captivated.

A curious thing about this book is that Geralt once again becomes the most important of the characters. From Ciri’s history we see very little and Yennefer only appears a little at the end.


I really want to keep reading because the story is getting super interesting.

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