“I never leave a book halfway”

“I never leave a book halfway”

How many times I’ve been proud of it; how many times I’ve boasted of that simple fact; and how many times it has taken me to a narrow dead end.


If you don’t like a book, leave it

You take a book that you wanted to read and, as you go along in the story, you realize that you don’t like it, that it wasn’t what you expected and you are not hooked at all. Give it a try, but if it doesn’t improve leave it.

For some reason we are proud of that willpower that keeps us sitting in front of a book we hate, but the truth is that we do ourselves a disservice.

  • There are millions of books written, when you read one you don’t like, you stop reading one that you could potentially love.
  • You waste time, a lot of time. If you don’t like reading, it becomes tedious and slow.
  • And most dangerously, it can end up causing a reading block.

Reading is a hobby, not an obligation. We don’t have to force ourselves to read anything we don’t want to.


I NEVER leave a book halfway

Yes, in spite of what I’ve just said, I finish every book I take (I’m not good a good role model).

However, there are several ways to read. If I think the story tells a book is not good I look for something else in the book that I like, the author may write some fascinating dialogues or have a pen made for descriptions. It is also possible that everything in the book is a crap, in that case I read it to take note of everything I do not have to do when I write.


What to do then?

It depends:

  • If your goal in reading is merely to have a good time, distract yourself from real life or enjoy a good story, you close the book, forget about it and take another one.
  • If you are interested in learning, then read on and analyze what you don’t like and what good parts it has.

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