The Wizard of Oz – books review

The Wizard of Oz – books review

This Christmas I got as a Secret Santa present with this beautiful edition of The Wizard of OZ from Edelvives Publishing House, illustrated by Benjamin Lacombe. ‘ve been quite fast and I’ve read it already.

Before talking about it I want to clarify that it is only an adaptation of the original story and that I have not read the novel.


About the edition

This book is 100% in line with the collection in which the publishing house and the artist are working together. They are large books, their measurements are larger than those of an A4. The quality and branching of the paper are very good for the illustrations to have the highest quality. It is bound in hard covers and full of beautiful illustrations.



About the history

Although I have not read the original novel, I have seen almost all the series or movie adaptations they have made.

In this case, the story is told from the point of view of the scarecrow. This gives history a different air. On the other hand, as I said, it is an adaptation and the story is much shorter and more synthetic than the original.


About the illustrations

This part depends much more on the personal taste of each one, but Benjamin Lacombe is one of the most famous current illustrators, easier said than done!

The book is full of illustrations; some are full coloured both in double and simple page; and there are many smaller ones in black and white with green details.

The amount of text and illustrations is very balanced and make the reading much more enjoyable and colourful.




Know that I am not objective in this regard. I love Benjamin Lacombe and I love his work. Any book of his would fascinate me even if it was just a collection of illustrations that didn’t tell any story. In this case, the story has been entertaining and easy to read, so it is a book that I highly recommend.


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