Favole – book review

Favole – book review

Favole is the first published illustrated novel by Victoria Fancés for Norma Publishing House. It is a novel composed of three parts that also contains a small independent story at the end:

  • Stone Tears
  • Set Me Free
  • Frozen Light
  • Angel Wings



It is a novel with a victorian and romantic air that holds a large number of breathtaking illustrations.


About the edition

Originally, each of the parts that form the novel were published separately, but in 2011 Norma released an integrated edition that grouped the fourth parts also including a sketchbook at the end. This larger edition is the one I own.

As you can imagine, being that it combines the 4 stories, it is a fairly thick book, otherwise, it has exactly the same content as the separate parts.

It is printed in color and the paper has the ideal quality for the illustrations to look perfect.



The vampire prince Ezekiel lives in a castle in Romania. There he has no qualms of feeding on beautiful maidens and condemning their souls to the vampire’s curse of eternity, but that changes when he meets Favole. He doesn’t want to harm her nor to corrupt her spirit, so he throws her away from his castle. What he couldn’t foresee was the curse that would come later.

It tells the long road that lovers have to travel to overcome a curse and be able to meet again.




  • About the story:

In general and looking at it in perspective, it tells a brief but beautiful story, a story about love and death. The problem lies in the language used. I get the impression that the author was trying to write in the manner of old gothic and victorian novels, but to my liking it is a bit forced and sometimes hinders reading comprehension.

  • About the illustrations:

In this aspect all I can say is good. Victoria Francés has a special sensitivity that transludes through her illustrations. You could spend hours looking at one of her drawings and you would never get tired. Every detail is intentional and thought and the workload they carry makes them the perfect job.

I loved that, at the end of the book, there is a sketchbook with unfinished sketches and illustrations.



In short, like any work by Victoria, this book is really worthwhile. It easy to read but I recommend that you take your time to admire the illustrations.

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  • 1
    Jose Ventura Traveset on Wednesday February 5th, 2020 Reply

    No lo he leído todavía pero tus explicaciones apasionan una predispuesta y apasionante lectura. Gracias de Jose VT

    • 2
      moonlight lady on Wednesday February 5th, 2020 Reply

      Espero que lo disfrutes! Ya me dirás qué te ha parecido cuando lo hayas leído

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