The Tower of the Swallow – book review

The Tower of the Swallow – book review

After a couple of months I come back to talk again about the The Witcher saga, this time about The Tower of the Swallow, the sixth book.



Before I start talking about this book, I want to put you in situation and remind you of how things were at the end of the previous book.
Geralt, in the company of his mysterious group of five, crosses a continent at war looking for Ciri, whom they want to rescue at all costs.
Yennefer manages to escape from the sorceresses who had taken her and also leaves in search of the girl.
As for Ciri, she has joined the rats, a band of young bandits who awaken fear and admiration at the same time.



Ciri is no longer with the rats, something horrible has happened to her. Somehow, she managed to get badly wounded to the of the hermit Vysogota. While she heals her wounds, she tells to the old man the story of her life, revealing her true identity and the situations that led her to flee with her face disfigured by a wound.
The search for the other characters continues although, apparently, with the same results as in the previous books.
Tired of waiting for the help that never comes, Ciri decides to go out and be the one to help her loved ones. She has regained her strength and is much closer to knowing who she really is.



This novel is quite different from the previous ones in the fact that the role of the protagonist falls on the shoulders of Ciri. It is she in whom the story focuses and is also the character with the biggest evolution.
She has gotten bigger and stronger and her story gets more and more interesting with each page you read. It is fascinating to see how the character grows and matures with each hard blow she receives and how, finally, she is able to rebuild herself.
Personally I think that the saga does not fall at all, each book calls to read the next one (this one quite insistently) as the story gets more and more involved and the intrigue grows. Such a pager turner!


For all the adults who read me, this is the fantasy saga you are looking for!


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