Would you join my first Read Along?

Would you join my first Read Along?

It is now official that our quarantine will last at least 15 more days. This first 7 have not been too hard for me but the time is going up and it will affect us all. For this reason I have decided to host my first read along on instagram!


What is a read along?

It’s a kind of instagram challenge in which a group of people read the same story, share photos of their progress and use a series of hashtags to connect with each other and comment on their reading.


What is my read along about?

During the next 20 days of quarantine you will have to read a story or poem by Poe. There is no obligation to read them all, there is no obligation to share photos or progress, but it is more fun if we do it all together.

In this case I have created two hashtags for the occasion. Please use them on instagram and so I will see your photos!

  • #gothicquarantinereadalong
  • #quarantinewithpoe

What stories will we read?

I have created an image for instagram with the name of the story and the day that corresponds to it. I will also share it with you here.

Not having the book is no excuse, Poe’s work is easily found on the internet!




Some extras

I don’t know about you, but I love reading with music and for this occasion there is the perfect album!

Nox Arcana has an entire album dedicated to Poe’s work, it is called Shadow of the Raven and you can find it on both YouTube and Spotify.


Will you participate?

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