Booktube Newbie Tag

11. April 2020 Diary 0
Booktube Newbie Tag

This Booktube is driving me to do new things, in this case it is a Tag and, while we’re at it, I’ll share it with you here too. A tag is a series of questions about a specific topic, in this case about books and YouTube, to which you answer. The theory says that someone has to tag you and that you have to tag other people, but I have done it, plain and simple, because it wanted to!

This specific tag is for people who start on booktube and consists of 10 questions:


1. Why did you start the booktube channel?

I have already explained it before but, in summary, for those of you who follow me here on the blog and do not have instagram, so that you don’t miss the videos (before I uploaded them to IGTV).

2. What unique and fun things can you bring to booktube?

The most notable thing is that I will keep creating videos on other topics such as travel vlogs or fashion videos. The most interesting, in my point of view, are the audio stories and book trailers of my own texts.

3. What excites you most about starting the channel?

I suppose it’s to contact people who share my same passion.

4. Why do you like to read?

Being honest, because it is an escape route to reality. Books make you travel to wonderful worlds where the rules are not the same as in ours. You can go where you want, be whoever you want and do what you want. There are no limits.

5. What book or saga introduced you to reading?

Laura Gallego with her saga Memorias de Idún played a crucial role, but also the legends of Bécquer, especially El Monte de las Ánimas.

6. What would you ask your favorite booktubers?

How the hell can you read so much and so fast? I work full time, apart I am a freelance, I write and have a partner, friends and, in short,I have a life; I will never get to that rhythm of reading.

7. What challenges and difficulties can the channel entail for you?

The main challenge is going to be time. I work full time and I have another series of obligations that, unfortunately, won’t allow me to read as much as I would like, let alone record and edit videos.

8. When did you start reading?

I started reading very early, my dad and grandpa have always read a lot and when we are little we do what we see. When I was little I forced every brave person who dared to come into my house to read stories to me, then I learned to read and, encouraged by my school teachers, I devoured every single book I took. Later, when I decided to study medicine, I stopped reading due to a real lack of time; Luckily, at the age of 20, when I changed my career, I was able to take it up and never leave it again.

9. Where do you read?

I read literally everywhere. Sometimes in bed or on the sofa, like normal people; sometimes walking down the street or in the car.

10. What kind of books do you like reading?

Normally I always move in three genres, fantasy, horror and classics.

  • Fantasy because they are the books that take us away from reality in the most effective way.
  • Terror because it is capable of moving us to extreme situations while remaining safe.
  • The classics for the delicacy and perfection of their language and for the finely polished stories.

In short, my perfect book would be horror, set in a fantastic world and with a good romance. Does what I’m describing sound familiar to you? Yes, classic gothic literature.


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