Frankenstein – book review

Frankenstein – book review

I suppose most of you, if not all, will know Frankenstein’s story. It is one of the most important gothic horror novels ever written that also tells a timeless story.

It is a gothic horror novel written by Mary Shelley.

It is a classic novel which is well-known for many by the multiple cinematographic and television adaptations. In spite of everything and that I have enjoyed it, I do not consider it one of my favourite novels.

I must say that, having read the novel, I couldn’t help but notice the evident similarity of Mary Shelley’s novel with Lovecraft’s “Hervert West – Reanimator” tale.



Let me tell you a little bit about the edition.

The aesthetics of the book must sound familiar to you because I have written the odd post to praise the entire collection. It is one of the many books of the Alma editorial catalog, in his branch of illustrated classics. They are hardback books, illustrated and with fabric bookmarks. In short, very careful editions.

Best of all, since they are classic, copyrights are no longer charged and therefore have a more than affordable price.


I filmed a video review but it’s in Spanish. However I’ll just leave it here just in case any of you is curious or actually knows Spanish.


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