Doctor Sleep – book review

Doctor Sleep – book review

Long after writing The Shining, someone asked Stephen King what had become of Danny. This planted doubt in his head and ended up shaping the story of Doctor Sleep.
Today I am going to tell you about this novel, I tell you that it is not at the level of its prequel but that it is still brilliant.



Dan has been traumatized after the events of the Overlook and drowns his memories and his shinning in alcohol. After hitting rock bottom he decides to change airs and moves to a town in a mountainous area where he signs up for Alcoholics Anonymous, finds a job as a warden in a nursing home and meets little Abra, a girl with a much stronger shinning.
The problem is that there are some “people” who call themselves “The True Knot” who feed on the essence of children with shinning and have detected little Abra.
Dan will face these people to save her regardless of the danger or consequences.


The book and the movie

After the film adaptation of The Shining, the sequel was forced to make several changes to follow the story it left open, starting with the Overlook Hotel not having been destroyed.
Compared to the book, the movie is rather darker and makes a significant cut in the cast. But best of all is the way they bring the ending to The Shining (the book) story back.
I was pleasantly surprised.



It is a very good story that complements and helps us understand what happened inThe shinning. For a Stephen King novel it is very pink, so to speak, since none of the good characters die.
What I liked most was that there were no good or bad characters, all the were gray, with a questionable morality and, ultimately, human.
Highly recommended if you have read The Shining and wonder what happened to the child’s life.

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