My first bookish box

My first bookish box

This year, for my birthday, Jon gave me a three-month subscription to the Bookish literary boxes. I had always wanted to subscribe to one but never dared. Once again Jon seems to read my mind and give me the push I needed.

This is the box for the month of April, it arrived with some delay, so we are in a global pandemic and so on, but it is finally here!

Before I start talking about it, I must warn you that if you are subscribed and have not yet received it yet, it is better that you don’t continue reading because I will spoil it to you.


What is Bookish?

Bookish is a company that prepares monthly subscription surprise literary boxes. It allows the option of subscribing for a month alone, for three, for six or for twelve.

The box contains a contemporary fiction editorial novelty, always in Spanish, it also includes a series of little things related to the book in question, such as postcards, bookmarks, etc.





What was inside April’s box?

  • In this case the book was Territory of Light, by the Japanese author Yuko Tsushima.
  • There was a postcard of the woman looking at the pink boat (it refers to the fragment that you can read in the quote from the box, just in the photo above).
  • There were also instructions for making a little fox out of origami.
  • An envelope with info about the book and the author.
  • And finally, a fortune cookie.



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