Exile – reseña del libro

Exile – reseña del libro

The Dark Elf trilogy is a fantasy saga with quite a lot of fame and supporters that, for some strange reason, I had never read.

Jon had been very insistent that I should read it and I’ve finally decided to do so. To can read the review of the first book here and in today’s post I’m talking about the second one.



After the incidents on the first book, in which Zackanfein ends up being sacrificed to the evil Lloth, Drizzt decides to leave his home to wander alone through the depths of the Dark Antipode thinking that anything is better than having to submit to the rotten principles and false morality of his people.

For several years he wanders alone and lost, he has become a dangerous and lethal being able to adapt and survive the dangers that lurk in the shadows. But he ends up realizing that if he continues like this he will end up losing himself. He manages to get to the city of the dwarves and there he meets the one who will be one of his best friends.

Together they will venture back into the Dark Antipode to run away from the resurrected specter of Drizzt’s father.



I liked even more the adventures that are told in this novel than those of the first. We know more about Drizzt and what he is capable of. We know what his heart is like, what his values ​​and fears are. It is a story in which the weight of friendship is very important.

What I liked most about the story has been the evolution of the characters, camaraderie and love. In short, it is an entertaining story, which is super easy to read and that has many values ​​and teachings.

The only “bad” thing is that it took me a long time to get into history because it is very difficult for me to empathize with a male main character.

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