Sojourn – book review

Sojourn – book review

The Forgotten Realms trilogy, also known as The Dark Elf, is a fantasy saga with quite a reputation and many followers that, for some strange reason, I had never read.

Jon had insisted a lot that I should read it and finally I decided to do so. You can read the review of the first book, Homeland, by clicking here and the second book, Exile, here.



The experiences lived in the Dark Antipode end up making Drizzt see that this world is not enough for him, so he decides to venture to the surface world in the hope that, as happened with the dwarves of the deep, someone is able to see beyond the implications of his race and skin color.

His adventures continue on the surface. Where he finds new friends and a lot of enemies. All with the goal of finding a place he can call home.



In this book Drizzt completely leaves his past behind and that implies a new cast of characters and new points of view in the novel. We know other races (humans, barjes, orcs, dragons …) and we follow the process of learning and self-knowledge of the protagonist.

Drizzt’s life is hard in this book, much of the story is spent alone, he has to endure recurring rejection and face the death of a good friend. Still he recovers to the blows.

The only thing I did not like was the feeling that the story was progressing like jumping in time. Otherwise it is a very interesting read!

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