Catch the Rabbit – book review

Catch the Rabbit – book review

I don’t know if it was because of the title or because I knew it was a road trip novel, but when may’s bookish box came , I couldn’t do more than leave everything to read the book. Catch the Rabbit is a contemporary novel by the Yugoslav author Lana Bastasic and I highly recommend it!

I already told you about the box here, but even so, let me give you a brief summary.

Bookish is a company that prepares monthly surprise literary boxes. Jon gave me a three-month subscription for my birthday and this book arrived in the box for the month of May. Along with the book were other little things to accompany the reading and have a complete experience.



Sara has emigrated and left her past in Bosnia behind. Now she has a new life in Dublin and everything seems to be going great until she receives a phone call from her old friend Lejla, of whom she hasn’t known anything for twelve years. Lejla asks her to go to Mostar and drive her to Vienna. Against all odds Sara accepts, since Armin, her friend’s missing brother, is in Vienna

The two girls embark on a road trip from Mostar to Vienna in which they will relive the ghosts of the past and, little by little, we will discover their secrets and motivations.



First of all I must tell you that, for me, this book has been 10 out of 10! It is just perfect and I can’t think of a single ‘but’.

The author’s prose is delicate and direct and has a capacity to get into the story that is worth mentioning. The protagonists are unique and authentic, with credible personalities of their own. Furthermore, the story is very well carried out.

Even though it is just a reunion trip between two friends and nothing extraordinary happens, it is so interesting that you cannot stop reading.

I loved the distribution of the chapters. Each one has two parts: in the first we read about the course of history in the present and, in the second, we are revealed something that happened in the past.

And the narrator is perfect. I love that she has not distorted her memories with the knowledges she has gained over time and that she shows herself as unbelievable when comparing her own memories to Lejla’s.



I’ve just told you a little bit about the novel, but I leave you here the video that I recorded for YouTube because it is somewhat more complete and I think you may be interested. Unfortunately it’s only in Spanish

However,  you will do me a great favor if you subscribe to my channel.




Could you recommend me a contemporary novel?

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