The Lady of the Lake – book review

The Lady of the Lake – book review

After a couple of months I come back to talk again about the The Witcher saga, this time about The Lady of the Lake, the seventh book. But before I start I must warn you that this book will emotionally destroy you.



Before I start talking about this book, I want to put you in situation and remind you of how things were at the end of the previous book.

Geralt, in the company of his mysterious group of five, has found refuge in the fairytale city of Toussaint where they are received and treated as noble lords.

Yennefer has fallen into the clutches of the evil sorcerer Vilgefortz who sets out to torture her to reach Ciri through her.

As for Ciri, she has managed to escape from Bonhart by crossing the portal of the Tower of the Swallow and and has reached another place and another time.



Ciri, after crossing the teleportal of the Tower of the Swallow, finds herself trapped in a world and a time that is not her own. There she is invited/imprisoned by some elves who want her because she is of the ancient blood and the chosen one to bring to the world the child who will save it. These elves try to make that son one of their own, but Ciri manages to escape thanks to the unicorn she saved when she was lost in the desert.

She discovers her powers and learns how to use them to be able to return to her world to save her friends. Not without first living a bunch of adventures.

Yennefer is still trapped in Vilgefortz’s fortress, and when Geralt finds out about it, he sets off with his friends and leaves the comfortable city of Toussaint to go rescue her.

For the first time in a long time, the paths of our heroes cross again at Stygga Castle.



This novel has been a roller coaster of emotions for me and, as I told you at the beginning, it has left me completely broken. Mister Sapkowski must have enjoyed breaking the hearts of his readers…

At the beginning everything is very confusing, it is difficult to understand what is happening, but when you understand it the whole story makes sense. Keep in mind that one of the main plots in the story contains temporal and spatial jumps and that is always messy.

He has a mastery to tell the story from different places and points of view without equal. In this way he offers us a much broader vision of the world he has created. The most fascinating thing is how all those plot lines advance side by side without leaving gaps in the narrative.

Apart from this, we must be prepared because in this book there are MANY DEATHS and not all of us are expected and celebrated.

At the moment it seems to me the best book in the series.


For all the adults who read me, this is the fantasy saga you are looking for!



I also filmed a review for my YouTube channel. As always, it’s only in Spanish but I’ll leave here the link nonetheless.


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