A Cosmology of Monsters – book review

A Cosmology of Monsters – book review

The publishing house Umbriel contacted me for a collaboration in which they sent me a book from their catalog and I read and reviewed it. The book was A Cosmology of Monsters by Shaun Hamill and I can tell you in advance that I loved it!



The entire family Turner is harassed by some mysterious beings that are quite reminiscent of the big bad wolf (big, furry, with sharp fangs and huge orange eyes), but none of them comment on it with the rest and that ends up putting them in danger. This happens until little Noah makes contact with one of these monsters and they become friends.

But that is not an easy relationship to carry as there are thousands of secrets between them, among which the disappearances of certain members of the boy’s family stand out. When he discovers the truth, Noah will have to make a decision that will mark his future and that of his family.



This is the first novel of the author and, if it serves as a precedent for those that are going next, I already tell you that I plan to read them all! It is listed as terror, but it is not a pressing terror but a more subtle one; thanks to this, even if you don’t like the genre, I assure you that you will enjoy this novel.

The novel has a modern prose that makes it very easy to read and the story is so interesting that it is difficult to stop reading. In addition, interpersonal relationships are well worked out and each character is unique in his way of being and in the way they face facts.

One of the things I like most about the novel is the Lovecraftnian references it has. All the characters are inveterate readers and many of them are lovers of terror and Lovecraft. This love for cosmic terror is also shared by the author himself since the novel is divided into parts and each of these parts is named after a Lovecraft story (The Tomb, The Being on the Threshold, the Whisper in the Dark , etc.).

Finally, and as a curiosity, thanks to the fact that I write and read a lot, it is very easy for me to predict how a book will end. Well, with this book it has been impossible for me! Throughout history I had more than five different theories and none of them was correct.



I leave down below a video talking about the book. The review here is somewhat more complete and I am talking about the collaboration with the publishing house. However, it’s only in Spanish.


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