A Room of One’s Own – book review

A Room of One’s Own – book review

I don’t usually read essays, but this month I have encouraged myself to do so and have ventured into A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf. I don’t know if it’s be a matter of essays or if it is only in this case, but let me tell you that I loved it!

I am also reading El Infinito en un Junco by Irene Vallejo, but this is much longer and it will take me a little longer. Anyway, with this I want to tell you that, for the moment, I am liking the genre.



A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.

This essay was created from two lectures on the relationship between women and the novel, given by Virginia Woolf at women’s universities. In it she reflects on the importance of having a quiet and private place as well as a minimum income to be able to dedicate oneself to creating without having other worries.

It takes a tour on literature, not only that written by women, but also that written by men about women. In this way, it shows that an androgynous mind freed from gender conceptions is needed to be able to create freely.



Before saying anything about the book I want to show you a photo. I’m sure I’ve told you several times that I don’t like to write on books nor mark them in any way, that to remember phrases or fragments I write them down in a separate notebook.

The opposite has happened with this book, but it has too many important things!



This book is a very short essay that contains a quantity of information crucial to understanding the evolution of literature and the role that women play in it. It is written in a masterful way that gives us the impression that we are reading a story and not an essay and this makes it very easy to read.

In short, it is a book that shows us how much progress we have made in the field of gender equality, but also all that we still have to go to achieve real equality.

A highly recommended reading for everyone (men and women) but, above all, for women who want to dedicate themselves to creating.



Here you have the video review of the book. As always, it is somewhat more extensive and in detail and, in this case, I even go a bit through the roof.


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