Ethel Frost – book review

Ethel Frost – book review

I think that, by now, you alreasy know that I love Victoria Francés and I imagine that you will get an idea of ​​how excited I was when she asked a collaboration for her new book. I absolutely love everything she does so obviously I said yes!

Today I am reviewing that book. It’s called Ethel Frost and it’s edited and published by Norma Editorial.



Under the litter of time lies a pain that finds no consolation …

Memories lurk buried in a dying land that harbors a breath of life with which he will try to make himself heard. But salvation requires exhuming the shadows of the past to raise the spirit above its wounds and be reborn in the light of a new dawn.

The forest longs to invoke the muse of its dreams; weaves her crown while waiting for the reunion.

Ethel is our protagonist and, throughout the book, she will live an interesting out-of-body experience that will lead her to reconcile with her past life, her death and her future. Our narrator accompanies her on that arduous journey with the hope of deserving her forgiveness and, thus, being able to transcend.


About the edition

As I have told you before, the edition of the book has been carried out by Norma Editorial. This publisher focuses exclusively on illustrated books, manga, comics, etc. and this shows in the edit. The paper is of an unmatched quality, ideal for the illustrations to be seen in all their splendor but, in addition, the cover design is beautiful, it seems covered with cloth and the illustration is in low relief.




About the illustrations I have little to say, since you can see them by yourselves. They are impressive, breathtaking. They are beautiful and powerful. They tell stories by themselves and the amount of work invested in them is obvious. The truth is, I could spend hours gawking at them.

Regarding the story, I can only tell that you HAVE to read it. I know I love witches’ stories and that obviously influences me, but this one is special. It is a story about spiritual growth, learning from the past, forgiveness, and the importance of nature. All this narrated in an exquisite way.

For me a 10/10 in every way!


As always, I leave you here the review video in which I talk more in depth about the book and I show you some of the illustrations and details of the edition. (Sorry but it’s only in Spanish)


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