Mal Nacido – book review

Mal Nacido – book review

At the beginning of the year, Fco. Javier Olmedo (Instagram friend) contacted me to send me a couple of his books: Mal Nacido y Bajo Nuestros Pies. Two novels of cosmic horror awarded with the “FOROLIBRO AWARD” of 2020 and 2018, respectively, for best novel of the year.

Today I come to talk to you about Mal Nacido, the one I read first, but before we get down to work I leave you below the links to the author’s website and networks:



“Has it ever happened to you that you buy a roundtrip ticket to a defined destination and when you are forced to return, you end up in a very different place from where you started?

It did happen to Broxton.”

Jerry Broxton, tormented by the exhaustion of a rotten, anodyne and superficial society, unexpectedly receives a juicy job offer that promises to break forever the shackles that keep him chained to boredom. A proposal that will make him travel to places impossible for reason, where he, far from approaching the future that he always longed for, he will end up facing his true and terrifying nature.

In spite of everything, the fate after his return is not the strangest thing that will be found after this unusual advance. The most surprising thing, if possible, is that someone has ever been able to return from there.

This is a story of revelation; a story of cosmic horror and incomprehensible beauty; a story where the protagonist is, at the same time, his own antagonist, and in which characters will be found with concerns so far from what is moderately conceivable, that they will be able to forcibly carve a look of awe on the reader’s face.

This is Broxton’s story, and maybe yours too.



This book offers a modern take on cosmic terror. A unique story with a nightmare setting and a well-woven plot in which the protagonist is both an antagonist. play with various timelines that intertwine and end up converging in a single, self-conclusive ending.

The descriptions are a fantasy and make you see the terrifying scenarios of the kingdom of bones as well as the most chilling scenes suffered by the inhabitants of the town of Allenton. In short, the book takes place in your head as if it were a movie!

Highly recommended for lovers of the genre looking for new authors to immerse themselves in the immensity of cosmic terror.



Here is the video review of the novel. As always, here I speak more extensively and in depth about the characters and the plot, but it’s only in Spanish.



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