Booktag, this or that?

15. April 2021 Diary 0
Booktag, this or that?

After a long time today it’s booktag! And also, this time I do it because I have been nominated by Gema Moratalla. This is a booktag called “this or this?” (this or that) and that consists of 12 premises that put us in the commitment to choose.




  1. Audio book or physical book?
  2. Hardcover or softcover?
  3. Fiction or non-fiction?
  4. Fantastic world or real life problems?
  5. Harry Potter or Twilight?
  6. Kindle or iPad?
  7. Borrowed books or purchased books?
  8. Physical bookstore or online purchase?
  9. Sagas or conclusive?
  10. Long books or short books?
  11. Romantic or action packed?
  12. Sofa and blanket or sun and beach?
  13. Hot chocolate or coffee with milk?
  14. Decide on recommendations or discover books for yourself?